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Do you like......................................................................... Dream Theater?
Why do they do this to me?

Every now and then I realise how many musically credible people I know list Dream Theater among their favourite artists and because of that I'll find myself trawling YouTube for samples of their work thinking "this time, for sure. This time I'll be ready to recognise their awesome the way others do."
All that ends up happening is that I will marvel at the mastery of their musical ability, the composition of the different elements and instrumentation. It is simply wonderful. I'll think to myself "This is it! I have finally reached the point where I can appreciate good music for what it is!"

Then the vocals begin.

I'm sorry but I just can't accept that this is a band I will ever be interested in past a passing fancy to peek in and see what all the fuss is about. The lyrics are I'm sorry to say simply boring and overdone, and the vocalist is a little too close to Brian Molko for my tastes. I think I can say that if this were a purely instrumental band I would be among the hardcore fans at the front of the crowd throwing my shirt around my head and screaming in star-struck fury. As it is, I can't quite justify listening to their work while simultaneously ignoring the lyricist, it seems like cheating.

I suppose I will just have to continue doing as I have been; Listening to them every few years when some new muso comes along and tells me all about the marvel that is Dream Theater, then coming to this shocking realisation all over again.

Or maybe I have no taste. Who am I to say?

Merlin out.

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Is this thing on...?

Half of their album 'Black Clouds & Silver Linings' is the first 6 songs played again without lyrics. If you want I can give you them? And stop forgetting to reply to my texts!


Re: Is this thing on...?

Sounds like a pran :)


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