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The Golden Age of Woodkid
Right! So the last time I reviewed release by Woodkid I was none too pleased and spoke quite harshly. For that, dear readers, I am sorry. I have recently had the pleasure of purchasing and listening to Woodkid's first full length album 'The Golden Age' and it is remarkable! My earlier gripes about clunky lyrics still stand in that the offending song, 'Run Boy Run' was included in the album, and this still remains to me the weakest song on it. Aside from this, however, it is brilliant! This is very much a thematic album, with a steady, consistent tone and pace but at the same time no two songs are similar to the point that there is almost a chronological story from beginning to end to work through. It features that orchestral sound that we have come to know and love with Woodkid and overall it feels a lot more organic than his two EPs. I was very very impressed to find that each of the instruments is recorded and not simulated and you can definitely see this reflected in the quality of the work as a whole. Songs that I particularly enjoyed included 'Ghost Lights', 'Iron' (from his first EP) and 'I Love You' which was also released with one of Woodkid's stylistic film clips to be played as a third installment in the existing sequence. Overall this is a fantastic album which I would recommend to anyone that is bound to create some new favourites. I'm willing to bet that despite its early release date this will remain a strong contender in my favourite albums of this year.

Great stuff!

Joob out.

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Dad says yes

Not bad, Britty. I'll have to listen to the album.

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